Friday, February 4, 2011

I is for Internet

That's right. Today's letter is I, and what would work better than "Internet?" Certainly not "Illumise..." > . >
Anywho, I'm back in school today and I have an assignment to post, so expect that.

Here's one of the assignments needed to be moved to a computer:


It’s overrated.
Love is just another thing
That we have made up.

Song in Couplets

Maybe Love isn’t so bad,
that we have to make Valentine’s Day a drag.
Love is as great as you make it to be,
And sometimes it helps us to see.

Our world is tough enough already,
And why make it worse with everything?
When love is your greatest treasure,
It’s folly to avoid it forever.

Being in love seems to happen so fast,
But the right people make the feelings last.


Love is not a thing to structure into
A poem in its tiny box of rules.
No, love is so unpredictable, to
Force to keep one way would take a fool.
Yet here I am, a fool to say the least,
fitting my love into a tiny box.
Trying to confine the wild, untamed beast
While covering the container in locks.
I guess it’s just natural for humans,
to make what’s natural the opposite.
We take into our hands all that happens,
And do what we may to change all of it.
Love is more than what we make it to be,
But we’re far too blind to be able to see.

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