Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A is for Armor Class

Hey, everyone! Here are some reminders/updates:
-Today will be the first day with an illustration from my sister! (If I can convince her to do it this time.)
-Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out soon!

Today is the 26th of January! Do you know what that means? I didn't until I looked it up on google. Today is the Indian Republic day, so celebrate, if you'd like. :) I think it's pretty rad.
It's actually the 61st Republic Day, but I liked the picture. Also, it's not very nerdy, but India's a pretty chill place, so I thought I'd put this up.
 Now it's time for the random d&d fact of the day!
Yesterday we covered monks, who are heavily melee and feat-based characters, and we talked about their awesome quivering palm feat. For a nice contrast, let's talk about Psions.
Psions are like psychics with different disciplines, much like Wizards and Sorcerers. However, Psions use mindpowers instead of arcane stuff. One thing that I really like it that psions can create little beings that chill with them called psicrystals. Psicrystals have a personality that is like a fragment of the creator's personality, and act accordingly. They understand the same languages, know similar feats, etc. Anywho, Psicrystals are awesome companions in combat, considered constructs for all intents and purposes with effects and stuff.

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