Wednesday, August 17, 2011

M is for Metroid

Ah, the Metroid. How such a generally terrifying life-sucking bloodthirsty parasite can be so loveable is beyond me. :3 Metroids are my personal favorite aliens, with a close second being Doctor Who's Weeping Angels.

For those of you unfamiliar with these little terrors, the Metroid is a native to the planet SR-388, and the only known predator of the parasite known simply as "X" mentioned in Metroid: Fusion (great game, by the way. Definitely worth the 3 dollars at any video game store that has it.).

I personally think one of the draws of the metroid is the fact that it is constantly the victim of an all-out war between the Galactic Federation (and thus, Samus) and the Space Pirates. The space pirates keep trying to breed metroids for themselves, and Samus keeps killing them. They really are the most innocent of all of the evil things in the metroid universe, really. Poor Metroids.

Well, just around 4 months (2 months and 25 Days)
It's gonna be righteous, here's a video about the way most of my friends (myself included) are feeling about its release: 

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